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Turning your mind constantly to God as the day unfolds

(From page 98-116 of  Letters by a Modern Mystic by Frank Laubach. Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of Purposeful Design Publications.)

  • Place an empty chair near you to represent his presence with you.

  • Hum a hymn like “Have Thine Own Way” or a worship song.

  • Silently pray for each person you are with.

  • Keep whispering inside: "Lord, put your thoughts in my mind. Tell me what to say."

  • Tell your companions about your efforts. You cannot keep God unless you give him to others. 

  • At mealtime: Bring an empty chair for your invisible guest.

  • The Quakers believe that Jesus told us: "Eat this in remembrance of me” about every meal. They think he meant not only the consecrated bread, but all food, so that every mouthful is his "body broken for you."

  • When reading a newspaper, magazine, or book, consider reading it to him! Glance at his picture or the empty chair where you visualize him and continue a running conversation with him inwardly about the pages you are reading. 

  • Read scientific books or articles as letters from God telling how he runs his universe.

  • Enjoy the sweet experience of opening a letter [or email or text] and read it with Jesus, realizing that he smiles with us at the fun, rejoices with us in the successes, and weeps with us at life's tragedies. 

  • Thinking: All thought employs silent words and is really conversation with your inner self. Instead of talking to yourself, you will now form the habit of talking to Christ. We are helped if we imagine him sitting in a chair beside us, talking with us. We say with our tongue what we think Christ might say in reply to our questions.

  • Walking outdoors: Remember that beauty is the voice of God.

  • While walking, if you cannot be heard, speak to your companion; ask him what is most on his heart and then answer back aloud what you believe God would reply to you.

  • Last thought: We make sure there is a picture of Christ or a symbol of him, where it will greet our closing eyes as we fall asleep. We continue to whisper any words of endearment our hearts suggest. If all day long we have been walking with him, we shall find him the dear companion of our dreams. 

  • Upon waking: As we open our eyes and see a picture or symbol of Christ, we may ask: "Now Master, shall we get up?" 

  • Some of us whisper to him our every thought about washing and dressing in the morning, about brushing our teeth and choosing our clothes. Christ is interested in every trifle, because he loves us more intimately than a mother loves her babe, or a lover his sweetheart, and is happy only when we share every question with him.

  • At work: We can do better work if we talk quietly to God about each task.

  • We can compose a letter or write a book better when we say, "God, think Thy thoughts in my mind. What dost Thou desire written? Here is my hand; use it. Pour Thy wisdom through my hand." Our thoughts flow faster, and what we write is better. God loves to be a coauthor!

  • A merchant can wait on his customers and pray for them at the same time. 

  • A bookkeeper or banker can whisper to God about every column of figures and be certain that God is even more interested in the figures than they are.

  • During games or races: Talk to him. If a thing brings health and joy and friendship and a fresh mind, God is keenly interested, because he is interested in us. Whisper, "God, get Thy will done exactly. Help us all to do our best. Give us what is far more important than defeating our opponents - make us clean sportsmen and make us good friends."

  • Marriages: Pray inwardly each for the other when you are together looking into one another's eyes.

  • If we have spent our days with him, we find that when earthquakes, fires, famines or other catastrophes come to us, we are not terrified any more than Paul was in time of shipwreck. “Perfect love casteth out fear.”

  • This practice is good for people suffering from illness at home or in hospitals who have many idle hours when their minds reach up toward God. It produces a perfect mental state for rapid recovery.

  • Feel yourself encompassed by God.

  • Seek to relieve suffering of any kind in a prayerful spirit.

  • Share suffering or sorrow with another.

Other ideas

  • Consider lighting a candle as you work or eat to remind you of his presence.

  • Perhaps you would enjoy twinkly lights in a space in your home or office to create a spirit of celebration and worship.

  • Try wearing unusual jewelry like rings or bracelets that will bring your mind back to him when they catch your eye.

  • Feeling really wild? Paint just one nail to bring your mind back to Him. (I call it a “God nail.”) If your situation or preference doesn’t allow for that, paint them all and let them to bring you back to him.

When our minds lose the edge of their zest, let us shift to another form of fellowship as we turn the dial of a radio. Every tree, every cloud, every bird, every orchestra, every child, every city, every soap bubble is alive with God to those who know His language. (From page 114 of Letters by a Modern Mystic by Frank Laubach. Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of Purposeful Design Publications.)

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