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Get ready!

  • ​Have a seat in your room and take a few slow breaths. 

  • Thank God for this moment and the moments that lie ahead of you. Breathe gratitude and the peace of God deeply into all of your body. God is with us.

  • Consider anything that may block your experience with God while you are here, this may include anything in your current situation, your past, or your future. Acknowledge these and release them to God.

  • Pray through the following prayers. If you would like, kneel facing one of each of the four walls of your room, praying one of each of the following prayers, as you bring God to mind in your space.

  1. Please release me from my past: mistakes, shame, broken relationships, poor choices, and sinful patterns.

  2. I pray that you will use my past to show me the truth about myself and how you want to transform me.

  3. Please release me from the expectations that I and others have put on my future. I receive the freedom and joy of your future for me.

  4. I pray that you will fill me with your energy and life force for whatever you have in store.

  • Stand and spread your arms wide across your room as you pray: Praise you, Jesus, that your blood has covered all of my sins and has united me with God.

Acknowledging God in Your Space: About Us
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