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Preview of things to come

For each of the following sections, with your journal handy (or use the printable version for journaling), prayerfully imagine, dream about, and envision what your day could look like with Jesus beside you and within you. (Read the middle paragraph on page 192 in Life Without Lack.)

Holy Spirit, please guide my mind to picture what a day more with you could be like and how you might change my life.

Strength to Please 

Read pages 192-194 in Life Without Lack

  • What are your thoughts and dreams about going through a day receiving the strength to please Jesus?

Joy and Confidence

Read pages 194-195 in Life Without Lack

  • Imagine your life with profound joy and confidence and an abundant lavishness of resources. What would it be like to have the experience of well-being that claims you entirely?

Loving Thy Neighbor 

Read page 195 in Life Without Lack

  • Dream about being completely present with and caring for those around you.

Tag – He’s It! 

Read pages 195-196 in Life Without Lack

  • Consider what life would be like if it weren’t on your shoulders to make everything happen. Visualize working better, having a sharper mind and a heart full of peace and power.

  • Want to practice "Tag - You’re It!"?

Your Own Personal Super-Assistant

Read page 196 in Life Without Lack

  • Reflect on the possibility of a life where things that you can’t explain with your own natural capabilities happen, with Jesus helping you accomplish so much more than you could on your own.

Speaking and Hearing

Read pages 196-197 in Life Without Lack

  • Envision the amazing experience of lots of conversation with Jesus, conversation where you learn to hear his voice throughout the day.

Imagine Spending Your Days with Him: About Us
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