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Practice handing it over to Jesus

Take a moment to practice the “tag — you’re it!” mindset with Jesus. Think of a project you are working on in your life. It could be personal, family-oriented, professional, in a volunteer role, etc. Perhaps this project includes some thinking and planning. It could be planning a party or event, preparing a lesson, designing a system, or getting ready for a vacation. Once you have one in mind, proceed with this practice. 

  • Relax and pay attention to your breathing. With each breath in, imagine that you are bringing Jesus into you. With each out-breath, imagine releasing your own selfish agendas and needs. 

  • From this place, start thinking about your project. Allow yourself to follow your normal thinking processes, while still maintaining conscious Holy Spirit breathing.

  • Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Observe moments where you notice stress or uncertainty. Are you tensing, pushing yourself, worrying, fearing, or feeling unease or insecurity? Tell Jesus what you are feeling. You might say, “Jesus, I am feeling nervous about…” or “I am uneasy about…” And then say, “tag - you’re It!” and bring yourself back to your breathing, consciously giving your load to Jesus. 

  • Allow your trust in him to stay in your consciousness as you keep thinking about your project. If you notice that you have not completely released your unease to him, continue to explore that discomfort. What is hard for you to release to him and why? Ask him to help you. This process may take many iterations. Invite him to show you your thoughts and feelings, to show you his truth and help you to receive that.

  • The goal here is to release and trust Jesus in your real time thinking, not so much to make progress on a project.

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