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A new day begins and a new life

Read pages 211-215 in Life Without Lack

  • As you have been imagining a day with Jesus, let your mind play forward to the possibility of this kind of daily life. What if every day were a day with Jesus? Prayerfully consider the benefits and concerns of this idea. Invite God to show you your heart. 

  • Ask the Spirit to work in your heart from now until you finish your first regular day with Jesus as you consider how he might want you to have a new life, a life where you daily walk in this way with him.

If you decide to continue to do your future days with Jesus, consider this process as a work in progress. Adapt it as is best for your life. Feel free to experiment with different schedules for your meetings and different ways of spending your time.

Reflection and peace

Take a moment to review your plans for both efforts. Review your plans for meeting with Jesus throughout the day recorded in your Meeting Planning Tool. And also review your plans for constantly bringing your mind back to him during your daily activities from Jesus in All Your Moments.

  • Take a deep breath and remind yourself of Jesus’ presence within you and around you. 

  • Journal and pray through any remaining concerns and uncertainties that you have regarding your day with Jesus. Invite God’s Spirit to speak to you and to guide you.

  • Pray through the things you are looking forward to. Celebrate what God will do in your life.

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