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Working together to help each other

In order to help your efforts in spending your days with Jesus, pick a partner or two who would also like to go through this process. When you are done (and along the way if you would like) meet with your partner(s) to review your plans and pray with each other. Allow them to ask for advice before you offer any. While they speak, lift them up in prayer as you listen. You can use these questions to guide your discussion.

What date have you chosen for your day with Jesus?

Effort 1: Meeting with Jesus throughout the Day. (Reference your Meeting Planning Tool)

  • What ideas about meeting with Jesus have you been most interested in and excited about? 

  • What concerns do you have about meeting with Jesus?

  • What specific plans do you have for meeting with Jesus throughout the day? 

Effort 2: Jesus in All Your Moments

  • Share your plans for constantly bringing your mind back to Jesus throughout your daily activities.

 Follow up plans

  • Pick a date to follow up with your partner to see how their day with Jesus went. You can choose one follow-up after you have both completed your day or a separate follow-up for each of you if your timing is different. How would you like to connect (e.g., phone, email, in person)? 

    • Put the date of your day with Jesus in your calendar. 

    • Put your partner’s date in your calendar to pray for them. 

    • Put your follow-up date in your calendar.

  • How often would you like to connect? 

  • Consider having these ongoing connections for at least a duration of 63 days. Changing brain habits to become automatic can take three sets of 21 days. Check your calendars and schedule how long you would like to continue your meetings with your partner(s).

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