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Where are you in this moment?

From page 74 of Pray Like a Gourmet by David Brazzeal, Brewster, MA, 2015, Paraclete Press. Used by permission of David Brazzeal.

“Once for a few brief moments of reality check (which is often my alternative way of saying confession), I pulled out my handy notebook and without thinking much about it, wrote the words, I am … then there was a long pause. I mention the pause because probably like you, I rarely start these little practices feeling totally spiritual.

So on the particular day mentioned above, I started with: I am … here. Then another I am … another long pause, but maybe not so long … trying. Yes, I am trying. Another I am … still sleepy. Yes, that’s true as well, but maybe some coffee will help. I am … blessed. I am … less than perfect, I am … incomplete. Yes, now we are getting into the real reality check. But despite that, I am … useful … helpful … kind … making a difference … etc.

It never ceases to amaze me how these simple, even trite ideas can be quickly transformative. Within a matter of minutes they can potentially take me from “I don’t think this is going to happen today” to significant moments of reflection and even to that illusive spark of connectivity that lights up between my own inner spirit and the Spirit of my Creator. And for that, I am … truly thankful.”

With journal in hand (or print this page), Try your own I Am’s. 

I Am…

Offer everything you are to God.

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