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LUKE 2:33-35

October 2021

This Private Mini-Retreat dives into the prophecy of Zechariah about Jesus in Luke 2. Or fee free to use a different scripture with the same practices.

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LUKE 10:38-42

November 2020

This private mini-retreat is based on a series of practices, many of which are described by Timothy Keller as he teaches us how to follow a path from Bible study to biblical meditation to prayer. After years of experimenting with spiritual practices, I have recently found that biblical meditation has been the most helpful yet… by far.

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JOHN 6:16-21

August 2020

My favorite practice, the Prayer of Recollection, is showcased. This is a great practice, but takes some, well, practice. It may feel a little unnatural at first, but if you decide to make it a regular part of your life, it will grow and can become very powerful. If you would like, you can listen to a guided, meditative version of the Prayer of Recollection (and also the instructions for Prayer of Recollection), instead of or in addition to doing it on your own. You will find the links in your itinerary. This retreat focuses our lens on John 6:16-21. What a great section! I hope you love it!

Mini-Retreats details: Get Involved
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