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Be drawn into worship by the many names for God in scripture

Adapted from pages 269-270, and 279-280 of Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. First edition copyright (c) 2005 by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. Used by permission of InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL.

  • Consider the scriptural names and metaphors that reveal God’s nature and character such as Good Shepherd, Comforter, Healer, Lord, Father, and Mighty God. (See below for more names.)

  • Let the names of God draw you into worship. 

  • Choose a name from scripture that is especially meaningful to you now, perhaps in light of your lectio divina and reflections on Psalm 23 (or other verse that you have been in). Feel free to write or draw the special name you have chosen in your journal or on a notecard you can take with you. 

Names for worshiping God

  • Alpha, Almighty, Awesome, Adored, Advocate, Ancient of Days, Abounding, All, Answer, Answerer, Adequate, Author, Authority, Anchor, Amen, Abba, Anointed One

  • Bread, Breath, Brother, Bridegroom, Blessed, Blesser, Beloved, Burden-Bearer, Barrier-Breaker, Boundless, Bountiful, Branch, Bruised, Beautiful, Beloved, Banner     

  • Christ, Creator, Counselor, Carpenter, Captain, Conqueror, Crowned, Companion, Center, Cornerstone, Compassionate, Comforter, Crucified, Captor

  • Dwelling, Destination, Deliverer, Defender, Delight, Divider, Desire, Dew, Door, Day-Spring, Divine

  • Emmanuel, Enlightener, Everlasting, Expectation, Eternal, Expert, Expectant, Encourager, Example, Exalted, Examiner, Enduring, End, Enthroned, Exhorter

  • Father, Friend, Fellow, Fountain, Fire, Forgiving, Faithful, Forsaken, Fairest, Finisher, Fullness, Foundation

  • Guide, Guardian, Good, Great, Gatherer, Glorious, Gracious, Gift, Giver, Gardener, Goal, Griever, Gate

  • Holy, Highest, Hallowed, Humble, Habitation, Hiding Place, Hidden, Heart-Broken, Husbandman, Head, Hope, Healer, Helper, Hand, Home, Holy Spirit

  • I AM, Incarnate Word, Instructor, Immortal, Incomprehensible, Incomparable, Infinite, Invisible, Infallible, Invincible, Ineffable, Indwelling, Intercessor, Inspirer

  • Jehovah, Judge, Just, Justifier, Jealous, Joy, Jesus

  • King, King of Kings, Kinsman, Keeper, Kind, Key

  • Lamb of God, Lord, Lord of Hosts, Lord Who Sees, Light, Life, Love, Leader, Long-Suffering, Lowly, Listener

  • Messiah, Maker, Most High, Master, Mighty, Meek, Merciful, Measureless, Majesty, Mindful, Manna, Mysterious, Morning Star

  • Nigh, New, Needed, Nearest, Nourisher, Nurturer

  • Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Only-Begotten, Owner, Overcomer, Omega

  • Prophet, Priest, Paraclete, Prince of Peace, Physician, Patient, Peace, Purest Pleasure, Protector, Provider, Preserver, Possessor, Precious, Pastor, Perfect, Priceless, Praiseworthy, Pioneer, Prize, Pardoning, Persistent, Pearl, Pure, Prayer-Hearer, Potter

  • Quickener, Queller-of-storms, Quietness

  • Redeemer, Resurrection, Refiner, Refuge, Righteous, Righteousness, Rule, Radiant, Reprover, Reformer, Renewer, Ransom, Rescuer, Receiver, Road, Rewarder, Ruler, Restorer, Rock, Rest, Rod, Rich

  • Son, Son of Man, Servant, Savior, Shepherd, Sacrifice, Salvation, Splendor, Spirit, Satisfaction, Satisfier, Source, Spring, Sanctification, Sanctifier, Stronghold, Strength, Strengthener, Sun, Shield, Steadfast, Sufficient, Skillful, Strong, Succorer, Supreme, Shade, Silent, Star, Song, Seeker, Sovereign, Sanctuary, Sower, Seed of the Woman, Self-Existent One

  • Triumphant, Transcendent, Transformer, Teacher, Treasure, Treasury, Truth, True, Tender, Tower, Trustworthy, Trinity, Three in One

  • Uncreated Light, Unchangeable, Understanding, Undefeated, Unhurried, Unforgetting, Unfailing, Unhindered, Unwearied, Unlimited, Uniter, Uplifter, Upholder

  • Vine, Vindicator, Vision, Visible, Veil, Vanquisher, Verity, Victory, Voice

  • Way, Water of Life, Word, Wine, Wisdom, Wonderful, Well-Spring, Worthy, Wise, Watcher, Wounded

  • Yahweh, Yours, Yearning, Yearned-for, Yokefellow

  • Zeal, Zealous

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