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What if you were able to get away with Jesus for two days of uninterrupted time together?  What if doing so would open pathways for spending every day together so that your strength was renewed?  Come to this Renew silent retreat and get both. In addition to two special days with Jesus you will also formulate a solid plan to bring him more fully into your daily life.  More Jesus in our lives means less fear, anxiety, numbness and all of the barriers that keep us from the abundant, joy-filled life that he is offering. Leave this retreat infused with and transformed by God, and equipped with some useful spiritual practices that you can incorporate in your day to day life.



During the retreat, you will be provided with a notebook that takes you through your own step by step time with Jesus using a variety of spiritual practices.  Day 1 will include a blend of opportunities from ancient practices to brand new experiences such as: addressing distractions during prayer, listening to scripture, worshiping, confession, and praying through anxieties, emotions and toxic thoughts.  We will also include some unpublished practices based on the work of Dallas Willard.


Day 2 will walk us through the last chapter of Dallas Willard’s book, Life Without Lack, as we plan to spend a day back at home (and hopefully all of our days) with Jesus. On both days we’ll break our silence occasionally to connect either as a group or with partners.

My hope and prayer is that you will leave this retreat infused with and transformed by God, and equipped with some useful spiritual practices that you can incorporate in your day to day life.

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Cost: $140 (for 1 night accommodation, 5 meals, snacks, and materials) plus the cost of the prep-work book, Life Without Lack, currently $11 on amazon. 

Dates: November 8th 8:00 AM – November 9th 6:00 PM  (with optional add-on of November 7th.)

Location: Joseph and Mary Retreat House, which provides private guest rooms, a meeting space, meals served on site, grounds for walking near the lake, and spaces for praying.  

Things to Consider:

  • Recommended prep-work includes reading the book, Life Without Lack, by Dallas Willard and listening to two 30-minute podcast sermons.

  • A non-refundable down payment of $15 to help cover snacks and materials will be due (payable to Martha Stock) by October 25th.  The remainder of $125 can be paid to Joseph and Mary Retreat House due by the start of the retreat.  

Open to all:  This retreat is open to those of any faith or no faith.  While the materials are centered around Jesus, participants will be encouraged to approach this in a way that makes sense to them and their values.  I believe that the retreat and its practices will be of benefit to anyone with a mindset to have quiet time set aside to connect with what is meaningful to them.

Bonus Option!

Would you like to make your stay more relaxing? Add an extra night on Thursday, November 7th.  (This retreat center has delightfully allowed us this addition as a possibility.)  There are a couple of ways to go with the Thursday option:

1.    Come Thursday evening and enjoy the chance to relax, pamper yourself, and the opportunity to start your spiritual practices as you unwind, soothe and settle in. We will have a brief group time of spiritual practices together on Thursday night at 7:00.  And, back by popular demand, we will have optional Holy Yoga.  Our yoga instructor is great at leading a gentle experience that is do-able for those who are new to yoga.  Beyond that, she layers this with a spiritual dimension that can take your physical experience to a whole new level with Jesus.

2.    Come earlier in the day on Thursday to have more opportunity to engage the transformational spiritual practices offered on Friday.  I have repeatedly heard from past participants that they wish they had more time for the experiences on Friday.  You can feel free to arrive at any time on Thursday.  I will meet with any of you who come earlier in the day Thursday to welcome you and get you started.  The retreat center will offer lunch and dinner for purchase on Thursday and breakfast on Friday for the convenience of your stay (prices listed below). Coffee, tea, and light snacks are included for you.

Pricing for these optional add ons:

-Thursday night accommodations- $60

-Lunch Thursday - $13

-Dinner Thursday night - $14

-Breakfast Friday morning - $11

-Holy Yoga Thursday night - $10

If you choose any of the additional bonus options described above, the price of those can be added to the amount you pay to the retreat house, with the exception of Holy Yoga, which is payable to Martha.

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Renew Retreat: Text
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