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Teaching ~ Adoration ~ Confession ~ Supplication

TACS, a blend of prayer and Bible reading, is a form of meditation described by 16th century monk, Martin Luther.


  • Go to your quiet prayer space. Relax as you focus your attention and submit your heart and mind to Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach and guide you.

  • Read through your given section of scripture slowly and thoughtfully, preferably twice. (You can also use Prayer of Recollection for this step.)

  • As you read, mark parts of the section that stand out to you. You will come back to these later.

  • If at any point you have sudden clarity, insights, or new ideas, stop and write everything down. This could be the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

  • Choose a short selection that stood out to you (one or two verses maximum). Re-read the verse(s) 3-4 times, then follow the TACS steps below.

  1. Teaching – What does this piece of scripture say or teach? Specifically: A. What does it tell us about who God is and what God does? B. What does it tell us about who we are and who we should be?​

  2. Adoration – What does this tell me about God that I can love, praise, and adore?

  3. Confession – In light of this, what do I need to confess?

  4. Supplication – What would I like to ask for with regard to this? 

  • For each teaching you identify in the verse, (T), write out your ACS. You can think of Martin Luther's metaphor of wrapping adoration, confession, and supplication around each teaching like a garland. 

  • Continue using TACS with the other verses you originally noted, as desired.

  • Follow-up question - Why might God be bringing this to my awareness today?

  • When finished, pray your TACS thoughts to God.​

  • Encourage your mind to return back to these thoughts throughout the day.

Col. 3:2 Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.

TACS Example

Here is an example from Timothy Keller, based on the first word of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our father in heaven…”

  • Teaching: the word “Our” teaches me that I am not to pray alone, but in fellowship with other Christians.

  • Adoration: I thank and praise God for giving me the church.

  • Confession: I confess my cold-heartedness and ingratitude towards the church, and my neglect of taking the opportunity to pray with my fellow believers.

  • Supplication: I pray for a true faith that keeps me in the fellowship of the church.

For more information, check out Timothy Keller’s sermon, “Meditation – How to Start” (Keller, Gospel in Life, 1998). 

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