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How to put the practices to work

  • How long each person spends on each practice can vary. Some of these practices may be rich but brief. Some of them have the potential to be extremely introspective and may engage you for a long time, or may be something that you will keep coming back to for many days. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. There is no prescribed amount of time anything should take. 

  • These activities are intended to both build on each other sequentially and stand alone, so that you can use any of them in any way and in any timing that you choose.

  • If it is helpful, print the practices and use them for journaling pages, or use your own journal.

  • Built into the stream of practices you will notice a number of experiences that are intended to help you draw God more fully into your day to day life, such as Resting and Sleeping with God, Walking with God, Bathing or Showering with God, and Eating with God. Be creative in your own life. There are countless opportunities to connect with God. For example, if you lived on a farm, you could chop wood or do physical labor to release emotional tension as you pray, and there are numerous ways to connect with Jesus while you drive, cook, clean, exercise, etc.

  • In addition to these practices where you set aside special time to connect with Jesus, you will also find that your life can be so much better as you bring him into each activity and each moment.  This is explored in the Spending Your Days with Jesus section of this website.

The Practices: Programs
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