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Using scripture to lead transformation from within

  • Consider committing Psalm 23 to memory right now (or any verse of your preference). If it helps, feel free to make up or use a tune, draw pictures, or make hand motions. 

  • Try coming back to the verse you are working on throughout the day to tamp it down into memory.

  • You can print this verse or write it out to take with you.  Consider progressively tucking it in behind each next project (or setting alerts on your phone to come back to it) to remind you to try it again throughout the day.

  • As you fall asleep at night, bring it back to mind (read it before laying down if that is helpful). Invite God to help you think deeply about what it means in your life right now.  

Having this scripture strong in your mind and readily on your lips helps keep Christ with you throughout the day and can bring you guidance, insight and clarity in matters that arise.

If you already have this verse memorized, feel free to choose a different verse. Here are some suggestions for consideration.

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