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Small group leaders! Small groups can now go through our Matthew prayer of recollection session together. Your daily practice of the prayer of recollection will be done on your own, and your group can meet using the Matthew prayer of recollection content and questions that we provide to get your conversation going. If you are interested in signing up for this option, or have questions about the prayer of recollection and how it works in a small group setting, contact Martha Stock at

Bring POR to Your Small Group: About Us

To help you consider the commitment of leading a prayer of recollection group, estimated times are listed in bold below.

Bring POR to Your Small Group: Text

Your involvement as a small group leader and the support that is available to you includes:

  • SG leader training that will walk you through what you need to know to lead your group in the prayer of recollection experience, provide you an opportunity to ask questions, and give you a chance to meet the other small group leaders. (Small group leader training - 2 hours.)

  • A kick off video to use with your small group to introduce them to the prayer of recollection. (Kick off meeting in your existing small group meeting time - 2 hours.)

  • A zoom visit from Martha Stock in one of your small group meetings during the first month for a check in; we can talk about challenges you are facing or do a group guided meditation together to get more hands-on experience. 

  • SG leader meetings, which will occur once a month, currently by zoom, to connect with and learn from the other small group leaders’ experiences, and get up to date information on leading your group. (1 hour per month.)

  • Coaching sessions with Martha during the first month. (Two 20 minute calls.)

How you can support your small group through the process:

  • Checking in with each small group member twice in the first month to talk with them about what seems to be working and what doesn’t (by phone, zoom, or in person). You can target these conversations to take 15-20 minutes each. (For example, if you had 9 people, that would be 3 hours for each round of conversations. Meeting with each person twice would be approximately 6 hours in the first month.)

  • Using the kick off meeting video, you can walk your group through the introduction to the prayer of recollection. 

  • Videos and discussion questions will be provided to you for your group meetings.

  • A small block of your group time should be used to fill out regular “snapshot surveys” (approximately every month) to share information about where support is most needed. 

Note - We anticipate leading your small group through this process to take 10-12 hours in the first month and 1-2 hours in subsequent months, in addition to your own personal time in the prayer of recollection (30 minutes a day, six days a week) and your time spent meeting with your small group.

Bring POR to Your Small Group: About Us
Bring POR to Your Small Group: Text
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