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SMPL (Study. Meditate. Pray. Live.)

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Here are some of the benefits that people are experiencing with SMPL:

  • A powerful practice with the support of being in a group that is praying for you and that you can pray for.

  • Slowing down your time with scripture for a more meaningful, formative experience.

  • Establishing a solid reading plan, routine, and accountability with others.

  • Moving your study time from the head to the heart.

  • Shifting your Bible reading experience from task and duty to joy and connection.

  • Finding what God wants you to get from the scripture, not what you are trying to get from it.

  • Falling more in love with Jesus and in awe of God.

  • Experiencing deeper conviction for personal change. 

  • Involvement in a supportive community of brothers and sisters to support your relationship with Jesus.

  • Fueling your moment-by-moment connection with Jesus throughout the day.

Ways to get involved with SMPL: About Us
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Q: What if I haven’t gotten into studying the Bible and praying that much recently (or ever)?

A: SMPL is a good place to jump in. It's great for people who span the whole continuum ranging from having a lot of Bible and prayer experience to having very little. 

Q: I like the idea of getting closer to Jesus, but what if I feel like I might not be very good at this kind of thing.

A: This is a learning process. Most of us aren’t very good at it at the beginning. Like developing new muscles, it takes time and effort. It may not feel like there is much movement at first. But the rewards are worth it, as you begin to sense a growing love and worship for Jesus in your heart. In addition to your own daily practice, your leader and your group will be here to support you, answer questions, and pray with and for you. 

Q: Where can I learn more about biblical meditation?

A: Check out these notes that describe meditating on the Bible.

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Ways to get involved with SMPL: About Us
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If you would like to join the SMPL group, email Martha Stock at

Ways to get involved with SMPL: About Us
Ways to get involved with SMPL: Text
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