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Digging into transformation

Prayer: God please reveal myself to me. Open my eyes to see what you want me to see. Open my heart to receive it with thankfulness. Free me from whatever in me is holding me back from you in any way.

If you have done lectio divina or TACS recently, recall your word, phrase, or verse.  Write it in your journal to serve as guidepost. (Or scroll down to print this practice to use as a journaling page.)

Journal through the following questions:

  • What thought patterns, attitudes and behaviors need to change as I live In the pursuit to be totally sold-out to Jesus - living life as he would if he were living my life in light of this verse? (Looking for ideas for great verses?) 

  • What would this change cost me? E.g., pride, self-indulgence, how I think others perceive me, comfort, effort, new awareness, less productivity, less control.

  • How will my life be better if I change this? E.g., lavish internal life, freedom, unimaginable joy, peace no matter what my circumstances. (See below for more ideas from Frank Laubach on how his life was better.) Allow your mind to vividly imagine it.

Frank Laubach describes how his life was better when he was submitted to God in each moment. (From Letters by a Modern Mystic by Frank Laubach. 2007. Used by permission of Purposeful Design Publications.)

“Vibrant with the electric ecstasy of God” (p. 56)

“The whole day passed beautifully with God saying wonderful things to me” (p. 40)

“I no longer feel in a hurry about anything” (p. 32)

“Undefeatably glorious” (p. 54)

“Worries have faded away like ugly clouds” (p. 56)

“The sense of being led by an unseen hand which takes mine while another hand reaches ahead and prepares the way, grows upon me daily” (p. 9)

“Your prison is also your paint box from which all the beauty you know is pouring” (p. 50)

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