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Concrete planning to put his changes into action

As you have identified areas that need to change for you to become more like Christ, you can now start planning to make those changes. For the following questions, start with one area (perhaps your focus from lectio divina  or your TACS verse if that is relevant), move on if you would like, or stay in that area. 

Considering thoughts from the What Needs to Change practice. Pray and journal through these questions:

[Alternative: consider a day of solitude to prayerfully and deeply explore these questions.]

  • In what area do I need to become more like Christ? 

  • What might be my current (or coming) crisis related to this?

  • What prevents this quality in my life?

  • What promotes it?

  • What hindrances can I remove?

  • What substitutions or changes can I make to support this in my life?

  • What specific steps will I take?

 Take a moment to note reminders for your follow up steps (e.g., in your phone, calendar, post-its, etc.).

“The most important part [of going to the Lord] resides in renouncing, once and for all, whatever does not lead to God.” From The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. 1982, p. 23. By permission of Whitaker House.

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