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Practices are for both focused time and to be brought into your regular day. Below you will find two seperate lists.  One identifies practices that are well suited to bringing into the flow of your regular daily life; work, tasks, play.  The other list distinguishes practices that are good for your exclusive focused time with Jesus.

*Note: Some of these practices are difficult to separate this way; they may take initial focused time, but then have dimensions that carry into your regular day. I have designated these with an asterisk, while still separating them into the category that seems most suitable in my mind.

Practices that can be integrated into the regular flow of your daily life:

These practices can be done either in your set-aside meeting times with Jesus for a deeper experience or, once you get the hang of them, during your regular daily activities by just pausing and experiencing them right where you are. There are also practices on this list that are intended to be done as a part of your regular daily activities (like Resting and Sleeping with God). 

Practices that are best for focused time alone with Jesus:

To enhance your focused time doing these practices with Jesus, read more about Preparing for Spiritual Practices.

Focused Time and Your Regular Day: About
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